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For over 25 years, Little Angels Daycare has provided exceptional and nurturing child care services in the Clinton, Maryland area for over 25 years. Our state-licensed family day care facility specializes in infant and toddler ages to provide focused and highly engaging experiences in preparation for matriculation to pre-school or kindergarten.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing children the foundational experiences to achieve their best selves. We nurture young minds through engaging curriculum to prepare infants and toddlers for pre-school and kindergarten. Our emphasis on activities that appeal to multiple learning modalities creates opportunities for infants and toddlers to fully develop to their maximum potential. 

Our Vision

We strive to be the preeminent family day care provider in the State of Maryland, serving local families by providing an exceptional foundation for their children’s successful school experience in the future.

Our Core Values


  • We believe all children should be in a safe and loving environment.

  • We respect the dignity and worth of each client and staff member.

  • We treat our clientele and each other with compassion and courtesy.


  • We believe that treating and meeting a child's individual needs, while working with her/his family, is our primary responsibility.

  • We believe the children and families we serve are the most important decision-makers in matters affecting their lives.


  • We strive for the highest level of teamwork within our organization.

  • We work with other people, organizations and the community in the spirit of cooperation.


  • We embrace a growth mindset to expand our reach and impact.


  • We are guided by the highest ethical standards.

  • We demonstrate honest and candor in all our relationships.

  • We practice fairness, responsibility and forgiveness.


  • Our culture is built to ensure an open and welcoming environment for all.


  • As our highest priority, we ensure every child has a safe environment to learn and grow.

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