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Infant 3


Infant 4

Program Overview

Our infant program provides a high level of individualized care. Infants have dedicated cribs and experience daily schedule for eating, sleeping, and play. While napping, our providers conduct safe sleep checks every 15-20 minutes. Communication skills for infants are developed through the use of verbal and non-verbal language cues. As infants transition toddlers, our program offers a more structured day to build healthy routines for children. Dedicated meal, nap, and play times are combined with outdoor activities, language enrichment, and other provider-led activities.


​Little Angels Daycare is a licensed family day care facility specializing in infant and toddler ages to provide focused and highly engaging experiences in preparation for matriculation to pre-school or kindergarten.

Age Group:

Upto 23 Months

Program Size:

Maximum of 8

Fees Cost:

$260/week or $1,050/month

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